August 21st : Housing Meeting

Hello! Keeping this nice and short today. I’m ultra tired. Today was the housing meeting! It started around 11 and they tried to make it really cool. But it wasn’t very interesting. All stuff I learned long before.

Tonight we went to AMC theaters! We went to see “The Dark Knight Rises” with 7 of us roommates (Shanna was with family and couldn’t go). We went to an awesome kind of theater where you could eat food. I got country fried steak (mashed potatoes of course) and cupcakes. It was fun! Sorry I wish I could say more but it’s 2 am and I’m tiiiiiired.

Fun story. My roommates tried to wash dishes in the dishwasher with regular dish soap. Um yah. Ttyl!

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August 20th: Check-In Day!

We all met at 3:30 am at the check in area. There was about 20 people in front of us. It was a loooooong wait. We made good friends with the boys behind us, which is good. Around 7:30, we finally got to start going in! Yay! We got all our information and headed to the spot where we get our housing assignment. We really wanted Chatham, but we couldn’t get a 3 bedroom. So it was either move to a different complex or get two new roommates. I’m so glad we did. I love our new roommates! They’re Devie and Sharon. They’re both super nice. Plus, our apartment is INCREDIBLE. It’s like a townhome. It’s huge. I’m so happy with it.


Anyways, after that we left for Casting. There we would find out where we were working. We went in and waited to receive our stickers. Finally, the guy got to me and asked “how do you feel about working in Hollywood Studios?” Wow.  Honestly didn’t even think about working there. I’m super excited, but I’m definitely going to have to study up on everything. Anyways, we did all our arrival things. I then headed back to the apartment for the first time. I felt bad because the new roommates didn’t know they were rooming together and we had to move one. But then we got our stuff and got unpacked. Later, we went and ate at Longhorn, which was sooo good. We got stuff at Walmart but I didn’t get anything too big. Because I thought we were going the next day. Then Krystina tells me she’s not taking me anymore because they want it to be their own thing. But guess who’s the only one without a car or parents. Me. So yah that really sucks. Now what? I don’t want to have to take the bus and I only have food till tomorrow. So yah I’m kind of upset but whatever. Oh well. Anyways here’s my schedule for the next few days:


Tuesday, 21st: Housing Meeting at 11 am

Wednesday, 22nd: Day off. Kind bummed but whatever. I think our apartment and the boys are going to Clearwater beach. We’ll see!

Thursday, 23rd: Traditions! This is when we get our ID’s and can go to the park. Yay!

Friday, 24th: Day off! So play day in the parks. Lizzi and Meghan have the day off so hopefully we get to go play all day.

Saturday, 25th: “On With the Show!” Park orientation from 8 am to 2 pm. Yayayayaya!

Sunday, 26th: First day of training from 10 am to 6:30 pm. Eeek!

So yah go Chatham 6204! Containing Melinda, Lizzie, Meghan, Shanna, Ashley, Krystina, Devie, and Sharon :) :)

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August 19th: Pre Check-In!

So last night we watched Lilo and Stitch. It was super good but I fell asleep. And we must have been jet lagged because we slept in till noon. Then we headed to the pool for a little bit. We rented a cabana which was free and cool. We went and bought some food, and they gave us free Sprite. It started being storming so we headed back and watched Disney Channel.

Later on we left for Planet Hollywood for our roommate dinner. Lizzie couldn’t come, but we had a wonderful time. I’m so excited for tomorrow!

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August 18th: Getting There!

Well I suppose it’s finally time to start thing. I’m waiting for my flight from Chicago to Orlando. So I might as well begin with my day!

So we got back from the fair at around 11:45 pm. We stopped and got my going away cake and I said goodbye to the Welker’s. I couldn’t imagine leaving without saying goodbye. I then figured out that I might want to start packing haha. I was thinking of pulling an all nighter. But I ended up finishing at around 2 am. And I had nothing else I could think of to pack. So I slept about two hours. Woke up, and headed off! I was really happy that my whole family came to say goodbye. I was worried the boys and Dad wouldn’t come, but they all did! It was hard saying goodbye. It’s a strange feeling saying goodbye to someone for four months. I started walking to security and definitely started tearing up.

The flight to Denver was uneventful. I got to sleep though which was great.  Haha I was on the same airplane to Midway. I sat next to a guy that worked for United Airlines as a mechanical engineer. So for two hours I learned all he had to know about planes. Here’s some stuff I learned:

1)      The fuel is stored in the wings.

2)      The wing tips are important because without them a kind of vortex/tornado would form around the wing.

3)      Airplanes stall all the time. Most of the time you don’t even notice it.

4)      A plane is designed to be able to take off, fly, and land with only one engine running. Then, if by chance one of the engines fails in flight, it can still land safely.

5)      Drills are run to see how fast an airline can evacuate an airplane. The company must be able to do it in under 90 seconds (in some tests, all the lights are turned off in the warehouse). Random testers are brought in that aren’t from the airline.

6)      The engines run as generators. That’s how the plane gets power and electricity.

7)      When the plane is taking off, it is going about 120 miles an hour!

8)      Lights tell you if all the doors are shut.

9)      If a large bird goes into the engine, it stalls.

Anyways, now I’m in Orlando! So on the next flight, I was feeling sleepy. So I waited till we could use our iPod. Then I fell asleep. Next thing I know I hear “we are now in our decent. Please put up your tray tables and seats.” Ha! I slept the whole way!

Anyways, I made it! I went down and Krystina was waiting for me at the baggage claim. She’s awesome! We hit it off real quick. We drove to Downtown Disney, and we ate at the House of Blues. While we were waiting for our food, we went shopping and I bought a Stitch doll! Eeeeeeeek! He’s so cute! We saw a girl checking in Monday too. Then we went back to the house and swam! It was awesome! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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Every. Time.

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I want that ring. 

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oh my god<3 This is perfect. I got tears in my eyes:’)

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I have this thing about Disney engagement photos. I think they are super adorable! 

I think it’d be cute to have engagement pics right after getting engaged at Disney World

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